Savvy Vending is a Starbucks Premier Provider company. Our agreement gives us access to certain machines and products that other Office Coffee Services companies simply don’t have. It also requires us to meet certain standards and requires us to follow Starbucks rules at our locations. That means that when we set up coffee services on location, this will provide coffee drinkers a coffee experience that is the closest available to an actual Starbucks coffee house-right at your location. Using Starbucks beans within the Starbucks Serenade machine produces a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Starbucks Serenade Machine
A freshly brewed experience.

The unwavering commitment to quality that Starbucks offers is now available to your employees & guests—one freshly brewed cup at a time

A perfect cup with a thoughtful touch

With engaging content on its intuitive 17" screen, the versatility to add a customer payment option and the ability to brew 38 8-oz cups per hour, Serenade™ single-cup brewer offers your employees & guests a genuine Starbucks Experience.

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Following are some examples of Starbucks products
available for the Serenade machine:

Light-bodied and mellow, this
coffee is subtle with delicate
nuances of soft cocoa and
lightly toasted nuts.

Reflecting on our heritage in-
spired us to create this deli-
cious blend with smooth body
and subtle flavors of cocoa
and toasted nuts.

One of our boldest, heartiest
roasts with French Roast. In-
tense, smoky flavor and light