Our Vending Machines Utilize Cutting Edge Technology

Our machines are manufactured by large national machine producers such as Wittern, AMS, Vendo, Royal and others. AirVend is our vending touchscreen technology. Product nutritional information data, cashless payment acceptance, live telemetry and dynamic machine updates are all benefits of the AirVend System. The task of keeping machines properly stocked for users can be quite tedious to a vending company, and the last thing a location wants is to have improperly stocked or empty machines. AirVend automated menu technology removes all the difficulty of properly stocking machines. With a click of a button, a well-balanced product menu is freshly created each time utilizing past data and various algorithms to optimize the machines products. Every Savvy machine has a built in LCD display with interactive touch and swipe while also allowing a buyer to read the nutritional information on the product prior to purchasing. Our machines accept all forms of payments-cash, coin, credit and debit cards, Google Wallet and Apple Pay. Our guaranteed vend capability removes the frustration of attempting to make a purchase that doesn't vend. You try once without success, the coil vends again and if the second vend fails, the machine offers the opportunity to vend another product or refund the buyers money. Our machines make every location look professional and high-tech so that your employees and clients get quality, healthy products with ease.

The AMS VC-39 Combination Machine

Qualified Foot Traffic: 150+

The AMS-VC-39 glass front refrigerated food and beverage vendor provides an even larger dispensing capability with class leading energy efficiency. Vend juices, water, milk, yogurts, fresh fruit, sandwiches, entrées and snacks from one versatile machine. Perfect for any size and type of location.

• Vends drinks, snacks and perishables
• Energy efficient LED lighting
• Eco Friendly refrigeration system
• Adjustable snack and food selections
• Lighted keypad with braille identification
• 900 lbs.
• 39" Wide x 35" Deep x 72" High
• 100% Made in the USA
• Standard 110 Outlet Requirement


Our coffee machines utilize Starbucks beans, syrups, cups, sleeves and teas. Once we complete installation, your coffee drinkers will enjoy the closest coffee experience available to an actual Starbucks store right at your location.

Bring the Starbucks brand to life, one freshly brewed cup at a time, by offering your employees three varieties of brewed coffee, iced coffee, chai latte and hot chocolate.


Savvy is a Waterlogic dealership, the only such domiciled in Atlanta. Waterlogic boasts of 47% market share in the US and Canada and is the only Water Machine manufacturer that utilizes BioCote microbial protection on the surface of their machines.

Some unique features of our machines:
• BioCote Protection-The water reservoir and the plastic surfaces surrounding the dispensing area are infused with BioCote®, a silver ion additive
able to protect the product against the negative effects of odor and staining microbes, such as bacteria and mold.

• High Performance Filtration-This model can be configured with four stage reverse osmosis filtration or multi stage carbon filtration, depending on water
conditions. These filtration processes effectively remove water contaminants and chlorine to improve water taste and odor.

• In-Tank UV-Waterlogic’s Ultra Violet technology uses an in-tank UV system to effectively remove waterborne micro-organisms to guarantee the best quality water. The Firewall machines deploy Ultra Violet technology on the dispensing system so that all water dispensed has been UV protected every step of the way since entering the filtration machine.

We offer a variety of water and combination ice and water machines all of which utilize 3 separate filters to dispense great tasting, clean quality water and ice.